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i need to be bled dry to quit

So, I've been lamenting the fact that I've had nothing to picspam with vintageromances a lot lately. But, in light of the fact that I am once again intensely obsessed with Desperate Housewives and, consequently, Dana freaking Delany. Seriously. This woman. Well, I'll save all the gushing for the spam, yes? I can probably count on one hand how many of my flisters will actually care, but if you don't, YOU SHOULD, because this woman is ah-mazing. About 60ish photos follow. John Mayer, Susan Sarandon, the Housewives ladies, and the dude who plays Frank on 30 Rock also make appearances. Oh, and Bob Saget. PROCEED.


Cutest evar.

When Dana Delany smiles, so does the world. You know it's true.

HAIRHAIRHAIRHAIRHAIR. I want it. I am seriously reconsidering going red right now. Like, actually. Whenever I finally get this much-talked about haircut I keep blabbing on about, I may just come home with red hair. And all because of this woman. And Marcia Cross. And Julianne Moore. And the Nicole Kidman of the past.

52 years old and hotter than me. Damn it.

Fierce younger Dana is fierce.

dsfkdnslfds PRETTAY.

Anyone who knows me well enough can probs guess at what my initial reaction to this was.
I mean, dklf. It needs to be said: SEXBOMB.


It's time for me to spam you with pictures of this woman and her NERDTASTIC glasses. Because they are seriously the best thing to ever grace a person's face. I tried on a pair just like them when I was in New York and almost bought them (along with a pair of leopard print D&G frames, because, you know, FABULOUS). I can't remember why I didn't, actually. Of course, I don't even need glasses, but I am seriously tempted to buy myself a pair of frames for Christmas.



Not gonna lie, I miss her long hair. A lot.


At the DNC. For Hillary's speech, I think. Every time I find out one of my favorites is a Democrat I do a little happy dance. Not even kidding here.

*does not enjoy Anne Hathaway* SRY GUISE.

EP TO THE IC. AmIright?

lkdjfg FAVORITE. But I think I may actually say that to all of these pictures, so.
Still. This is probably one of my verrrrry favorites.

At a Halloween shindig (yes, shindig). Hosted by Bette Midler, I believe. If only we had pictures of Dana and Bette together. Then I would...well, die. Also: I LIKE HOW SHE IS 50+ AND PULLS THIS OFF BETTER THAN I COULD. Although I really wouldn't know. I've never tried ~slutty school girl.

brb, stealing hair now.

I seriously adore ALL of the photos from this press tour. Barring the fact that Teri is in all of the Dana ones, they are FAB-U-LOUS. Mostly because glasses! plus hair!! equals one happy fangirl.

Awokay, maybe Teri isn't so bad. It's just hard to keep my mild distaste for Susan Mayer from bleeding over into real life.


What even, Dana? Whaaaaat even.

I. WH. SHE. JUST. flkjg

Ahaha. REJECTED, Teri. Rejected.

I love how Flicka and she basically glued themselves to each other on the red carpet. It makes my heart happy. Because it was kind of GLITTERY, GORGEOUS OVERLOAD, but in the best way.

Taken, apparently, before Dana started on Housewives. Which makes this kind of cuuute.

Random Katherine cap? I felt it needed to be thrown in here, though. It's one of my favorites. The combination of HER FAAAAACE and the headband is just too, too much.

And, in conclusion:


Yeah, so, that's what I stayed up until 3:30 this morning doing. I have been having SUCH trouble sleeping lately. Sort of. I get tired, but can't wind down enough to actually fall asleep. I feel so out of it and physically drained. Oh, well. You can sleep when you're dead, right? In the mean time, I will spend the greater part of my nights doing things like picspamming my inappropriately gigantic girlcrushes.

Oh, and I have an ortho appointment tomorrow at 8:15. EIGHT. FIFTEEN. IN THE MORNING. It hurts me just to think about it.
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