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esmé gigi geneveve squalor
08 November 2008 @ 08:51 am
Right now, I should be getting on the bus to go to the theatre for Muni. But I think I might just take this day. I may not do anything particularly productive with it, but I will not feel guilty. I will not.

I can do whatever I wish with this day. And I choose to start it by spamming you all with some of my favorite pictures.

and pull the air in until there's nothing left
we were cast out of everywhereCollapse )

I want a camera. I mean, I have one, but I want a real camera, like the kind my other used to lug around with her everywhere we went together in my childhood. The kind that needed winding and would produce the most beautiful prints, soft and glossy to the touch. I remember going through enormous photo books, trying to turn the heavy pages with my tiny hands, marveling at the wonders of fragile life caught in four inches by six.

I've been feeling very unwell lately. Sickly, even. I tremble a lot (this, however, may just be due to the decreasing temperatures) and have constant headaches. No amount of sleep is enough, and yet, I loathe not being awake. I think I may start eating organically again. My body needs cleansing. Relief, refreshing. Today, I am having only green tea and water. And rest. Curling up in bed with a kitty and The Bell Jar sounds about right.

I love.
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esmé gigi geneveve squalor
02 November 2008 @ 02:01 pm
Well, here's what I did with my day: a Skins 2x05 picspam. I felt randomly felt a surge of Chris!love when I woke up this morning (yeah, what?), and decided that a picspam was in order. This is probably one of my favorite episodes of TV, ever. My love for Chris Miles (and his relationship with Jal) knows no bounds, hence my spending 3+ hours on this. I skipped scenes here and there, particularly the ones with Angie because, after S1, I just ceased to care about her. And I got lazy. Anywho, onwards, and enjoy!

yeses and fuck its
a 2x05 picspam

........................Collapse )
manipulation, t57
esmé gigi geneveve squalor
troublesome title. No Safe Place
melancholy medium. Book
frightening fandom. A Series of Unfortunate Events
perilous pairing(s). None (excluding the semi-shippy bonus at the end)
nefarious notes. Spoilers spoilers spoilers. Sort of. I tried to keep it vague. These books have been out for ages now (The End was published in 2006), but I thought a warning was only fair.

no safe place
a truly tragic mix
...................Collapse )

A note to my flisters: I am pretty much temporarily abandoning my graphics comm, so hopefully you don't mind me very occasionally posting mixes here.
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esmé gigi geneveve squalor
17 December 2007 @ 12:02 pm
title. Five Things to Love About Luna Lovegood
fandom. Harry Potter
pairing. Harry/Luna
rating. PG
summary. She is an innocent, and he is a fool.
She won't make a sound..Collapse )

And there you have it.
Eight days 'til Christmas. Daaaayum.
boots. noe venable